April, 2019

With spring finally here, it is a great time to shake off those winter blues and get ready for fun events headed your way. For some, graduation is on the horizon, for others, a family reunion or wedding. Preparing now for what is to come is a great way to ensure you enjoy yourself, feel confident amongst others, and look amazing for all photo ops. As the dentist Playa Del Rey (https://dentalchickens.com/) families visit for their general dentistry procedures, know that we have the skills and experience to help you get ready for your big day. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are just one way we can keep you looking your best. Today we look at how you can get a better smile.


Teeth whitening is a wonderful option when you are looking for simple solutions to your smile. However, if your teeth won’t benefit from this procedure, we can look to veneers for an amazing smile. Veneers are perfect for stained or yellowing teeth that don’t respond to whitening treatments, if you have uneven teeth, or if a few teeth are misshapen. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is completed in one or two visits depending on the type of veneers we apply. The results are instantaneous and our Playa Del Rey dentist patients love their new look.


If your smile is missing multiple teeth, partial or complete dentures can help. There are a variety of ways dentures can let you recapture your smile. They look natural, are easy to clean, and let you regain your confidence in your smile.

Dental Implants

If one or two teeth are missing our Playa Del Rey dentist may suggest dental implants. This cosmetic dentistry procedure uses a post to act as the tooth’s root which is then topped with a crown. The crown’s design looks exactly like a natural tooth and gives you the polished smile you’ve always wanted.

Come visit our Playa Del Rey dentist office to learn more about how we can perfect your smile before your next adventure. Have the confidence you need to nail that job interview, get a smile that isn’t camera-shy, and achieve a healthier you. Smiles loved to be shared and we can help. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry procedures on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jerome-A-Guttman-DDS/184675458252432) or call today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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