January, 2019

Why do I Get Cavities?

Quite often, there is a level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. Most dentists reason that this anxiousness comes from the fear of the unknown. We fear not knowing if we have a cavity or not; we become nervous wondering what our doctor might tell us. Ironically, this type of anxiety keeps people from visiting the dentist, which results in oral health problems becoming worse. As a dentist of Playa Del Rey, residents trust for their oral health needs, we understand. We provide sedation dentistry as just one of the many techniques available to calm your fears. We also work to help you understand what might be causing your oral health issues. With that in mind, what kinds of beverages do you drink?

Drop the Pop

Soft drinks are one of the leading causes of cavities. The sugar in soda leads to tooth decay as well as other oral health problems and health concerns. The sugars that are used in soft drinks react with bacteria found in your mouth to create an acid that harms your tooth enamel. Some studies show that the reaction between these sugars and your mouth can go on for 20 minutes per each drink. Thus, whether you consume 1 glass of soda or 6 cans in a day, you are damaging your teeth and promoting tooth decay every time you take a sip.

Flavored Coffees

Coffee drinks that are flavored with your favorite sweeteners are another cause for cavities. The sticky syrups are full of sugar that just sits on your teeth eating away at your enamel. While our Playa Del Rey dentist and staff knows how important that coffee is for the start of everyone’s day, you might want to consider switching to black coffee. Eliminate the sugar and not only will your smile benefit, your overall health will benefit, too.

Reduce the Risk of Cavities

If giving up your soda and coffee caffeine fixes isn’t in the cards, then make an effort to reduce your chances of getting a cavity the best you can. The best advice is to brush your teeth every time after drinking your sugary beverage. Brush away the sugars so that they don’t damage your tooth enamel. Schedule your Playa Del Rey dentist dental exams for every six months, and drink more water. Water will help flush a lot of those sugars away from your mouth.

By eliminating beverages from your daily routine that cause oral health problems, you’ll have a much more positive experience the next time you visit the dentist. Additionally, with better, healthier choices in beverages, you’ll improve your overall health and that is something to smile about. Keep you and your family healthy and cavity free with smart choices and good nutritional habits and check out our Facebook page if you want to continue learning about how you can keep your smile in great condition.

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