March, 2019

As the dentist Playa Del Rey ( residents look to for their oral health, sedation dentistry, and general dentistry needs, we often get asked about wisdom teeth. For some, wisdom teeth don’t affect their smile. However, for the majority of the population, wisdom teeth can pose painful problems. If you’ve considered having your wisdom teeth removed, or if you have had our Playa Del Rey dentist recommend extracting your wisdom teeth, it may be helpful to know a bit more as to how these cumbersome teeth affect your health.

Is it necessary to have my wisdom teeth removed?

If you are lucky, your wisdom teeth aren’t causing you pain. However, having no pain still doesn’t eliminate you from being the small percentage of people who aren’t affected by wisdom teeth. These teeth are located at the back of your mouth and most often come in at an angle. Even patients whose wisdom teeth haven’t yet broken through the surface of the gum-line can experience issues with their oral health. Wisdom teeth get in the way of other teeth coming in. This means, the permanent teeth that are trying to come in are pushed into a less-than-straight entry point in your smile. Removing the wisdom teeth allows all of your permanent teeth to come in as straight as possible.

Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

As stated above, wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to crowd, thus requiring braces if you’d like a beautiful, straight smile. Our Playa Del Rey dentist uses X-Rays and dental exams to determine your likelihood of needing your wisdom teeth removed. You may be referred to an oral surgeon or advised of your options if we feel your oral health would benefit from extracting your wisdom teeth. We look at your past oral health history as well as forecast what may occur should the teeth become a problem.

When should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

In many cases, the most common age when wisdom teeth are removed is in the teen years. At this point, most of the adult teeth have erupted and having them extracted can help direct your teeth for braces. If you’ve waited to have them removed but you experience sinus pain more frequently or jaw pain, now may be the right time to have them removed. Our Playa Del Rey dentist and team are here to help you evaluate your situation. We talk with you about your options and help you understand your X-Rays so you can see the impact your wisdom teeth have on your smile.

If you or your children are considering the fate of your wisdom teeth, we invite you to talk with us. We’ll help you get all the information you need to ensure your smile and oral health are well cared for. You can reach us via our contact information on Facebook ( or call our office when you are read to learn more. We’re happy to help your smile be the best it can be.

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