October, 2018

Happy Halloween, Playa Del Rey!

Happy Halloween from your neighborhood Playa Del Rey dentist family! Most of you will be taking to the streets tonight enjoying the festivities while bouncing from one house another as you trick or treat. However, despite the fun, we ask that you remember to think of your oral health as you gather your treats. We don’t want a surplus of candy and sweets destroying your beautiful smile. A single evening of fun and treats can cause a lifetime of cavities and dental problems. Take steps to protect your smile, while still having a hauntingly good time.

Oral Hygiene

Every person needs to brush their teeth at least two times a day. Prevent periodontal disease by flossing daily. These habits are necessary for every day of the year. However, on Halloween, it is especially wise to have a good oral hygiene routine. Our Playa Del Rey dentist understands that you are tuckered out after a long night of trick-or-treating, yet that is no excuse for skipping your routine. Brush away the sticky sugars of the day as quickly as possible. This way, bacteria and plaque will not create a haunted horror in your mouth.

Fight Tooth Decay with Dental Sealants

At our Playa Del Rey dentist office, we recommend dental sealants be applied to any permanent molars. This helps our patients avoid the hassles of tooth decay and cavities. Typically, we use sealants with children’s molars between the ages of 6 and 12. Adults can also benefit from dental sealants in some cases. Dental sealants protect the chewing surface of the tooth by adding a protective layer. Sealants are applied by painting the liquid on the tooth and then hardening the substance with a special light. In its liquid form, the sealant gets into the nooks and crannies of your teeth so plaque and bacteria can’t damage the area.

Healthy Halloween Choices

We don’t expect you to be the house on the block that gives away healthy snacks for Halloween. However, you can make a difference at home by encouraging healthy choices. Some of our Playa Del Rey dentist recommendations include:

  • Weeding out the candy that can break your tooth or chip it – Hard candy, sticky taffy, and extra crunchy candy can chip teeth fairly easily.
  • Allow one or two pieces of candy after mealtime – The saliva that your body produces when you eat, flushes away food particles that want to stay behind on your teeth. Eating sweets right after dinner will help wash away the sugar.
  • Have plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand – When it comes to snacking, grabbing a piece (or five) of candy might seem easier than cutting up an apple. By providing healthy food snacks, your family will reduce the amount of bad sugar they consume.
  • Brush, Brush, Brush – We’ll say it again…brush! Brush your teeth after eating any candy. The clean taste in your mouth will keep you from eating more sugar. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about cavities forming.

We want your Halloween night to be one of fun and thrills. But, we also want to protect your smile so you don’t end up with a Jack O’Lantern smile. Talk as a family about how you can all practice good oral hygiene or discuss some of our tips from our Facebook page. Your smile should last a lifetime; don’t let the treats play tricks on your teeth.

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