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Awake, but Without a Care

Anxiolysis refers to the use of a mild oral sedative (usually Valium or Triazolom) to achieve "light sedation," or a heightened state of comfort and relaxation. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) may be used, along with the oral sedative, to add to your relaxation.

Benefits of Anxiolysis

  • It’s effective for mild to moderate anxiety
  • It’s safe and easy
  • You can breathe and speak on your own
  • You can usually drive yourself home from the appointment

Anxiolysis is best suited for cases of mild to moderate anxiety. While under light sedation you remain conscious and you will enjoy a heightened state of relaxation. You can expect to recover quickly but you may still need someone to drive you home from your appointment.

Anxiolysis will put you at ease so you experience little to no discomfort; however, your doctor will also administer a local anesthetic to ensure that you don't experience any pain. At this point in the procedure you'll be so relaxed that you'll hardly even notice.

On the day of your procedure, you will have taken the prescribed medication prior to arriving at the office. This will ensure that you're in a more tranquil state of mind for your procedure. Our sedation experts will monitor your comfort throughout your entire visit.

Don't let fear keep you from having a healthy, sparking smile. Dr. Guttman has the expertise, skills and training to put even the most anxious patient at ease. CALL DR. GUTTMAN TODAY AT 310-683-5320 and get ready to enjoy a totally relaxed experience.

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