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We offer sedation dentistry where medication, given to you, puts you in a state of relaxation until your dental work is completed. You will have little or no memory of going to the dentist. This type of procedure usually helps the dental phobic.

Please read on and you will find out more information about how gentle this office is to our patients.

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Dental Treatment For The High Anxiety Patient

For the person who fears going to the dentist, is truly phobic about going to the dentist, loses sleep over the thought of going to the dentist a week before their first visit, and who may break out in a cold sweat days before actually going to see the dentist, fear no more. Many procedures can be performed with sedation and nitrous oxide. Suppose you need a root canal, crown, and an extraction and you can't stand the thought of having this done. Stop worrying. You can be completely relaxed for all dental procedures and have almost all treatments performed in one visit. When you awaken, the dental work is completed. This procedure is also available for the busy professional whose schedules simply do not permit time for a lengthy series of dental treatments. YOU WILL NOT FEEL ANY PAIN, FEAR, OR ANXIETY. We can also provide stereo headphones to listen to your favorite music.

Sedation Dentistry

This is where medication is given to you before any treatment has begun. It puts you in a light state of sedation, and when you wake up your dental work is completed. You would need to have someone drive you home. This procedure will eliminate all the pain, fear, and anxiety that you feel when you go to the dentist. Our Doctor is one of a handful of dentists performing Sedation Dentistry. They are one of a handful of dentists that perform these procedures.

“Laughing Gas”

Should you desire to not be asleep but would like your anxiety level reduced we can also accommodate you. Nitrous Oxide or "Laughing Gas" is a type of gas that you breathe while your treatment is being done. The "laughing gas" relaxes you so that you are not uptight or nervous while your treatment is being completed.

Comfortable Reception

This office is unlike any dental office you have ever entered. We believe your dental experience begins when you step through the front door of the office. When you enter this office, the guest reception area is contemporary styled, with wood-grained walls and overstuffed chairs. Our office is here to make your experience at the dentist is a pleasant one. The reception area is warm and cozy. We work with you one-on-one to make sure that you receive exceptional, attentive dental care.

Great Experience

Paula or Debbie will greet you with their friendly voice and laugh. You can sit down in a soft luxurious sofa, view an aquarium and read magazines to help you relax until you are ready to be seen by the doctor. You will also hear soothing tones of music.

Very Short or No Wait

We believe your time is as valuable as the doctor’s time is and we do not want to waste your precious time. We will not make you wait more than 15 minutes in our waiting room. WE GUARANTEE IT. Most times you will not wait even five minutes to see the doctor.

During Treatment Amenities

Once inside the back office where you will have your teeth repaired or cleaned, the patient is treated to compassionate doctors, hygienists and assistants. You may use headphones to listen to music in the treatment room for your pleasure. We also have neck rests and blankets if you get cold.

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